Vivienne once bought a monkey so she could get to know the man who delivered the bananas. 

Virginia Woolf

Author, Journalist



Angelica wanted to be a swim suit model after tripping and falling in to a fountain. 


Georgia had the prettiest garden in town. The secret to her garden? She was married to a fisherman. 


Elizabeth once made a hair tie out of the hem of her mother’s dress. That’s when her mom had to start shaving her legs. 


Josephine spoke 7 different languages. She mistakenly called the diplomat a big buffoon who liked to tap dance while eating tapioca.  


Alfred once carved a dance partner out of a stump and won first place in a tango contest. 


Estella aka crazy cat lady, once set her cats tail on fire while having a hot flash. 

Vintage Style Paintings

Below are prints based on the original painting. They are mounted on blocks of wood and their name and story are printed on the back. Each print is 4 x 3.5 x .75. Each come signed on the side making them highly collectible. 


​Hannah made deliveries for the general store. One day she gave laundry powder to the baker. And that’s how the roof blew off the bakery. 


Annie took a nap one day and woke up on a slow boat to China.  It took her 6 months to get home. 


Janie once baked a cake for a crotchety old lady. She spiked the cake with rum. At the party the old lady thought she was a pole dancer. Now Janie’s cakes are in high demand.  


​Alma put dessert in her pocket for a picnic with her beau. Suddenly she yelled I’ve got ants in my pants and then she showed him her tart. 


Rita was voted most likely to lie about her age. 


Iva rubbed rose petals all over her body. She’s now seeking out treatments for bee stings. 


It was rumored that Harriet taught a dog to play the trombone, but due to her small advertising budget nobody showed up for the show. 

Grannie Mabel

Grannie Mabel never thought living near a power plant would have much effect on her hair. 


In a twirling contest, Lena lost her balance and fell in to the arms of a stranger who later became her husband.